There is no way around it. Monday’s 127-118 loss to the Warriors was an embarrassment of riches. It was the clown car that kept giving. Everytime it seemed Portland might get a hold and take over, the Warriors had an answer.

Looking at the final score, and not knowing any better one might think Steph Curry must of went off. Draymond Green must of had a triple double. D’Angelo Russell must have played well his first outing as a Warrior against the Blazers. Nope none of them played. No stars. The Warriors didn’t need them.

The Blazers thought they would come in a rollover a group that more resembles a G league team than it does an NBA Squad. That didn’t happen. Not even close. The Warriors badly wanted their first win at the Chase Center. They wanted it more than Portland.

You might say Portland played down to an inferior team, but give the Warriors their due. They came to play. I’d say they played up to the Blazers. They surpassed them, if just for one game.

Rookie power forward Erich Paschall finished with a career high 34 points to go with 13 rebounds. He shot 11-19 (57% ) from the field and 4-6 (66%) from deep. Guard Ky Bowman finished with 19 points. Damion Lee had 18 points and Jordan Poole finished with 16 points on the night. Three of four are in their rookie season. Lee is in his third.

The Warriors got out to a hot start leading 14-7 in the 1st. The Blazers caught up and they traded shots in the 2nd. Portland managed a 3 point lead 63-60 at halftime. The Warriors shot 58% from 3 in the 1st half.

Warriors guard Jordan Poole trashed talked Damian Lillard as the teams headed to the locker room. Lillard was not in the mood to hear it. He had words of his own, letting Poole know he needed to show some respect. He then waived Poole, who continued talking, off has headed to join his team.

The Warriors continued where they left off in the third. The Blazers fought back. Though there was a lack of effort on everyone, but Lillards part for Portland. He finished with 39 points on 15/26 (57%) from the field and 5/13 (38%) from deep. He tried to will Portland to a win. It proved too much to do it nearly alone.

There were 4 ties in the fourth quarter, the last 99-99 with 7:01 left. Less than a minute later Whiteside got into a skirmish with Bowman who had just scored a layup. Bowman was celebrating, loud mouth, as he moved to push pass Whiteside. Hassan took offense and lifted his elbow into Bowman. The Warriors missed the technical free throw, but finished the game on a 12-1 run.

Hassan Whiteside put together a 22 point 11 rebound game, a tally that mostly came in the 1st half. He was mostly non existent in the 2nd half of the contest, reverting to “Miami” Whiteside.

Rodney Hood had a tough game after returning from injury. He got Hurt twice in Saturday’s game against Philadelphia. He first, landed on his left arm after being knocked off balance from a shot attempt. After coming back in he hurt his knee in a collision with Ben Simmons. He tweeted afterward that he was hurting all over. That hurt showed on Monday. He only put on 4 points on 1 of 8 (12.5%) shooting from the field and 1 of 3 (33%) from deep.

McCollum managed 14 points, but also had an abysmal shooting night going 6/16 (35%) from the field and 2/6(33%) from three. He did rack up 6 assists. But, he never got his shot going.

Bazemore finished with 7 points, but also had a terrible night shooting, going 3/10 from the field and 1 of 6 (16.7%) from afar. He sat on the bench, his head down, late in the fourth.

The game was almost more comical to watch than it was painful. If anything, it was a lesson of humility for Portland. Hopefully, it will be a builder of character for them. Grow a little hair on their, well you know.

They will have a chance to turn things around Thursday night against the Clippers. It won’t be easy either. They just lost to Milwaukee last night. They will want a win. Star Kawhi Leonard sat out so he would be fully rested for Portland. Bring your A game Blazers. That is going to be the only way to reclaim your pride after the circus that was the Warriors game. Beat LA!

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