Bored while the NBA season is on hiatus and likely stuck at home? Here is a fun game to pass the time.
For the who am I game, you will be given four clues to guess who each NBA player is. No looking up/researching answers. Go by your knowledge only. Make sure to read the clues very carefully. Some may be more difficult than others. I tried to make it challenging. I hope you enjoy it.
1.) I was featured in Sports illustrated magazine. I was a 1st pick in the NBA draft. I was an NBA finals MVP. After my playing career I became a sportscaster. Who am I?
2.)I started playing basketball when I was three. I never played basketball in college, entering the NBA directly from high school. My dad also played in the NBA. I tore my Achilles but came back from it. Who am I?
3.) I played both football and basketball in high school. I was an NBA rookie of the year. You many not remember, but besides the team I am most known for playing with, I played for the Pistons, Nuggets, and Grizzlies. I recorded a rap single, but was unable to release it. Who am I?
4.) I was noticed in high school as a “fat guy who can play like the wind.” I majored in business management while in college. I once considered running for governor. I wrote an autobiography. Who am I?
5.) I played football and volleyball before I played basketball in high school. I helped my North Carolina to several titles. I made a famous dunk over a French center. I appeared in the tv series Moesha and the movie Like Mike. Who am I?
6.) I was known as the “Goliath”. I was a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity in college. I went into real estate after my playing career. I appeared in Conan the Destroyer along side Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who am I?
7.) I was a point guard. I won a gold medal in the FIBA Championship. I was drafted by Washington before they got into magic. I have been in several basketball movies including Eddie with Whoopi Goldberg. Who am I?
8.) I’m a 10 time all star. I led my college to their first ever NCAA title. I still hold all time records for the USA Olympic team. I appeared in Sons of Anarchy. Who am I?
9.) I went to Duke. I was a rookie of the year. I was a spokesperson for McDonald’s. I presented an award at the MTV music awards. Who am I?
10.) My middle name is Jeffrey. I was born in New York City. I have been a spokesperson for many brands including Rayovac and Ball Park Hot dogs. I am a 6 time NBA champion. Who am I?
11.) I was ambidextrous. I was known for my hook shot. I am responsible for the three point line. I played for the Lakers when Lakes meant something. Who am I?
12.) After I was drafted, my team had to wait two years for me. I only played for one team my entire career. I won two championships with my team. Since I left the NBA, I have become a well known Philanthropist. Who am I?
13.) I am one of seven NBA players to have won a NCAA title, NBA championship, and an Olympic Gold Medal. When I first started playing basketball at school I was not very good, and even got cut from a team. I was also a track and field star. I have been considered by some to be one of the best NBA players of all time. Who am I?
14.) I went to Gonzaga. I shot over 55% from the field while there. I am known for my helping hand. A street outside the arena I played at was named after me. Who am I?
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