Damian Lillard brought his own time zone with him to Atlanta this weekend. It was Dame time at the All Star game, as Lillard finished with 32 points on 8-16 (50%) shooting from deep.

Lillard introduced his half court shot hitting one from just the other side of the line (a shot so good, it made Paul George apologize for his criticism of Lillard’s series winner logo three over OKC in the playoffs a few postseasons ago). Stephen Curry tried to match him but couldn’t draining a three a few steps inside. Dame hit several other long threes as well as a few at the basket.

Dame was the first to draw a foul call on an attempt at the basket. Dame scored 16 first half points and the last 11 for team Lebron in the final quarter, including the game winner, with a deep near half court dagger.

If voting for MVP took place after the game, Lillard might have been the one to hoist the trophy, but voting was in before his late game display and game winner. Heck his half court shot should have won him MVP itself. In the end MVP went to Giannis Antetokounmpo with his 35 point game of  perfect 16/16 shooting from the field (he missed one to start the third, but it was changed to a turnover), including two fortuitous threes that seemingly had no business going in.

We all know who the real MVP is though. So, set your watches forward to Dame time, because after that performance, we now understand why there is a need for daylight saving!

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