Blazers Point Guards Damian Lillard will participate in the 2019 Mountain Dew NBA 3pt contest.It will take place Saturday, February 16th, as part of All-Star weekend, at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. It will not be easy as they will be facing Seth’s brother, Stephen Curry (Warriors), Danny Green (Raptors), Joe Harris (Nets), Buddy Heild (Kings), Khris Middleton (Bucks), Dirk Nowitski (Mavericks), Kemba Walker (Hornets), and last years champion, Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns. A Blazers has yet to win the contest.

Damian Lillard shoots 36.1% three point shooter for the season and a 36.7% shooter for his career. Seth Curry is the best three point shooter in the NBA at 48.5% this season, and 44.5% for his career.

Stephen Curry: 44% 2018/19 season, 43.7% career

Devin Booker: 32.4% 2018-19 season, 35.6% career

Danny Green: 42.1% 2018-19 season, 39.8% career

Joe Harris: 45.3% 2018/19 season, 41.5% career

Buddy Heild: 45.5% 2018/19 season, 42.7% career

Khris Middleton: 37.9% 2018/19 season, 38.9% career

Dirk Nowitski: 31.3% 2018/19 season, 38.2% career

Kemba Walker: 36.7% 2018/19 season, 35.9% career



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