Alright, it’s here! Blazersland Mailbag #8, May 2019 edition where I answer your questions regarding the Portland Trail Blazers.


As a fan did getting to the 2nd round make this season a success for you? – TorturedBlazerFan

I know Olshey and Stotts are exhaling. As a fan, I am very proud of this team. Not only did they get to the 2nd round, they did it without starting center Jusuf Nurkic. This postseason is a testament to the progress this team has made since the Blazers entered rebuild/retool mode 4 years ago.

If this is as far as the Blazers get, I will be a happy camper. Just to have beaten the Thunder and to have sent Russell Westbrook packing was fulfilling in itself. That said, I believe the Blazers can go deeper into the playoffs still. We will see.


Does ball lie?
– Bryan B

The ball appears to lie sometimes, but it always balances out in the end. The Ball does not lie.


How about ‘in the off-season, who do you think the blazers can bring in to take them to the next level’ – Bryan B

The Blazers won’t have much money to work with to bring anyone in. They will be busy trying to find a way to resign who they already have. The Blazers will try hard to trade Evan and/or Meyers with their pick to open up space. It is going to be tough.

The Blazers could use a real Power Forward. Harrell would be a wet dream. I here Blake Griffin and Kevin Love thrown out there. Not sure I agree with that. If the Blazers can move Turner and Meyers and resign everyone I would be happy. I think this team needs another year together.


After game one, what type of adjustments are critical in order to win game two and steal home court? – Jason O

The Blazers need to make a more concerted effort on defense. Measured decisions on passing are key. Turnovers have to be cut down. The Denver fast break off turnovers killed the Blazers. Don’t even talk to the refs. If you get the call good, if you don’t move on. Jawing costs focus.


Can we trade Evan Turner for Arya Stark? – SlyPokerDog

I wish. Arya can hit a target like no other and from lomg range too. She is cold blooded. She can defend well against men several times her size. It’s a terribly lopsided deal. The Blazers would have to offer far more. Winterfell and House of Stark say hell no and hang up the phone. Turner wouldn’t last a day in the seven kingdoms. Sorry Evan.


Does the altitude really give Denver an advantage? Or is that an excuse? – Char C

The altitude advantage is real. How much of an advantage can be argued. Denver players are used to playing 5,280 feet above sea level. Their bodies have compensated, raising the level of red blood cells to deliver sufficient levels oxygen to muscles and the brain.

Opponents whose bodies have not had time to adjust take a punishing impact. Yes professional athletes are well in shape, but the chemistry is the same. They become fatigued quickly as their lungs work overtime to move oxygen throughout the bloodstream. Their heart rate skyrockets, their breathing rates and blood pressure follow. They feel like their lungs are going to explode out of their chests. It’s not fun, especially for a guy like Damian Lillard who played 43 minutes.

Denver’s altitude advantage has been well studied and the results have shown a clear advantage. Look at this season alone. Denver had the best home record in the NBA at 34-7. They won 16 of 29 season series. In those series they were 23 of 23 at home. The Nuggets tied 8 series and were 8 of 10 at home. They lost 5 series, winning 3 out of 6 at home.

So yeah, it’s real. Should it be used as an excuse though…no. The Blazers self destructed in game 1. Denver played a strong game. The Blazers would do well to get used to that air. They are going to have to win one in Denver if they want to advance, something they were unable to do this season. They came close in April, but were too short handed to pull out a victory. Get to breathing Blazers.


Why is the Night King immune to dragon fire? – Natebishop3

Because he is really a Golden State Warrior


Do you think the Blazers have a chance to win the championship this year? – Eric M

The Blazers would have a far better chance with Jusuf Nurkic healthy. That, said I am not counting them out. There is always a chance till there isn’t.

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