It has been an intense summer. The 2019 offseason has been the busiest in recent memory. It has seemed to play out more like a mock offseason, with a larger than usual number of players on the move. There has been an insane turnover with seven teams, having 9 of their players leave in trades of via free agency. It has completely remapped the league in both conferences.

In the west, both LA teams are back on the radar, Golden State has fallen, but not collapsed, the Blazers, Nuggets, and Rockets have made upgrades, while some lower tier teams like Dallas have gotten better. Some have gotten worse or are rebuilding. Kawhi to the Clippers is understandable. Who saw Paul George going their to join him. Chris Paul for Russell Westbrook? Memphis has finally started over as has OKC with all those picks and in the hunt for more. What is going on in Phoenix? Did they get better? How will their moves pan out come the regular season? Sacramento? It is a full on crazy fest! The west is wide open for the taking.

The east has lost Kawhi Leonard and seen some talent spread out. Philadelphia probably has one of the best starting lineups in the league, Kemba Walker hopes to help Boston take the next step, while Durant and Irving joined the Nets. Toronto will not be able to defend their championship without Kawhi, but they are still and OK team, unless they decide to blow it up. How will Butler fare in Miami? If they are able to trade for Wall and Beal and form a super team, things look good, as is, they are in the mix for the playoffs anyway. Milwaukee once again seems to be the number one contender in the conference, hungrier than ever, but really there are three or four teams that could make the finals.

Find out the answers to these questions as I go team by team and analyze incoming and outgoing players, whether they got better or worse, and what their outlook is for the 2019-20 season is. I will start with the West and got from worse to best. Then I will tackle the east in the same manner.

For now I leave you with my prediction of the finals standings in the west and east for the 2019-20 season. Do you agree with them? Am I in the ball park or am I out of my mind? Are there teams you move up or down? What are your predictions? Post your answers in the comments section below.


2019-2020 Predicted Standings 


Western Conference


  1. Los Angeles Clippers    56-26
  2. Denver Nuggets            53-29
  3. Portland Trail Blazers    53-29
  4. Houston Rockets           51-31
  5. Utah Jazz                       50-32
  6. Golden State Warriors     49-33
  7. Los Angles Lakers        47-35
  8. San Antonio Spurs        47-35
  9. Sacramento Kings        41-41
  10. Dallas Mavericks          40-42
  11. Minnesota Timberwolves 40-42
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder  36-46
  13. New Orleans Pelicans     31-51
  14. Phoenix Suns              30-52
  15. Memphis Grizzlies       18-64


Eastern Conference


  1. Milwaukee Bucks     58-22
  2. Philadelphia 76ers     55-27
  3. Boston Celtics        50-32
  4. Brooklyn Nets        47-35
  5. Indiana Pacers       45-37
  6. Miami Heat             44-38
  7. Toronto Raptors      43-39
  8. Orlando Magic      43-39
  9. Detroit Pistons      41-41
  10. New York Knicks    35-47
  11. Atlanta Hawks      35-47
  12. Chicago Bulls       28-54
  13. Washington Wizards  25-57
  14. Charlotte Hornets  21-61
  15. Cleveland Cavaliers    18-64
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