Is having no Blazers to watch driving you crazy yet? I have collected some Blazers trivia for you to pass the time. Don’t expect it to be easy either!

1.) Hassan Whiteside is looking to break Portland’s record for career blocks in his 1st season, with 3.1 Blocks per game. Which 2 Blazers led the charts in career blocks with 2.6 a game?

2.) Who holds the Blazers all time record for best offensive rating?

3.) Though Portland owners ultimately chose the Trail Blazers as their teams name, what other name was very highly considered?

4.) How many retired numbers are hanging in the rafters of the Moda Center? How many of the players can you name?

5.) How many Blazers have competed in the olympics? Can you name them?

6.) Who was the 1st president to attend a Blazers game in person?

7.) 10 players have worn the number #31. Can you name them?

8.) Which player has played the most seasons for Portland?

9.) Who is the only Blazer to wear three different numbers?

10.)Writer Larry Colton wrote that the Blazers were the first time Portland had made national sports newd headlines since when?

11.)How many conference finals have the Blazers been to?

12.) How many fans were estimated to be at the Blazers 1977 championship parade?

13.) How many players with “man” in their last name played for Portland? How many with the last name Smith? Williams? Johnson?

14.) The Blazers have had 2 intern coaches since 2000, Kevin Pritchard and Kaleb Canales. Who won more games as a coach?

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