The 2020 NBA draft is five days away on November 18th. The Blazers have the 16th and 46th picks in the draft. They could potentially trade out of at least the 1st round for a role player. But, let’s say they stand pat and use the 16th pick or move up. Who will the Blazers take? Here is the top 10 players the Blazers could draft.


10. Leandro Bolmaro SF 6’7 Venezuela

Yeah, the Blazers have plenty of small forwards as it is, but we may be looking at the second coming of Manu Ginobili. While Bolmaro still has lots of work to do on shooting more consistently from distance, he is an excellent passer, playmaker, and slasher. Bolmaro brings alot of energy to the game especially on the defensive end.

He does get a little overzealous with passes sometimes and is terrible at the free throw line, but he has the potential to be a 3 and D threat in this league as well as a secondary playmaker. The Blazers love guys like that. Likely, the Blazers will pass on him, and he get selected somewhere in the 20’s.


9. Theo Maledon pg 6’4 France

The combo guard from France could fit well with Portland, and his time playing overseas gives him more experience than most rookies. He has good length for a guard and averaged 35% from deep playing for ASVEL in France as their lead guard.

Maledon can get ahead of himself in his eagerness. He turnover prone and lacks awareness on the defensive end, but is a good defender when he is honed in. Despite his weaknesses, his versatility and toolset dictate that he can become an impressive player in this league. He just needs experience and confidence.


8. Jalen Smith PF 6’10 Maryland

The Blazers will probably be minus Whiteside next season and Collins might move over to back up center to replace him. Portland could use more depth in the front court. Sharp shooting Jalen Smith could be just what the gm ordered.

Smith is a 36% shooter from distance, has a great stroke, can run the floor quick for a big man, and has smooth jumper. He has a keen defensive prowess with shot blocking ability. He has a high basketball IQ and a seemingly never ending engine.

He is a little thin in the legs and could improve his moves in the paint, but these are easily remedied. Smith could be a player down the road, the Blazers wish they had gotten.


7. Jaden McDaniels SF 6’10 Washington


McDaniels will probably drop to the second round because of issues with consistency and production. Portland GM Neil Olshey seems to have his eye on McDaniels, so even if the Blazers don’t take him with the 16th, look for them to trade up from the 46th in the 2nd rnd to draft him.

Mcdaniels is as versatile as they come. He is naturally a wing but can play the 4 as well. He has the smoothest stroke and is a shot taker and maker. He can shoot from almost anywhere, has the potential to be a superior mid range shooter, and can easily get to the rim against defenders with a lengthy stride. He is a rare player, but doesn’t come without risk. He has the tools and ability, he just has to find the consistency which hopefully will come with experience.

6. Cole Anthony Pg 6’3 North Carolina

The Blazers biggest position of need is back up point guard. Anthony isn’t the best pg in the draft, but he is a versatile scoring threat who can immediately provide offense off the bench. He possesses the uncanny ability to hit the toughest shots with defenders in his face. He has one of the best pull up shots of any guard in the draft. He shot 35% from three in college, so we know he’s got the shot.

Yeah, he isn’t a tall guard and has issues getting to the rim, but he he has been compared to Lillard and even CJ. It doesn’t hurt that he is the son of ex Blazer Greg Anthony. It worked out with GTJ. Maybe the Blazers will get similar results.


5. Patrick Williams SF/PF 6’7 Florida St.

Can you say freak! Williams is one of if not the most explosive athletes in this draft. He is likened to OG Anunoby in Toronto, and the Blazers would love some of that. His versatility and physicality on the court is like looking at the sun; its overpowering.

Williams can do a bit of it all. He can shoot, can power past defenders to the basket, brings authority on the defensive end with his savage energy and ability to block opponents into last Tuesday. He shot 33% from three, but that can and will improve.

Everything is there, the whole package. It will come down to a matter of instinct. Exactly what level of player he will be in the league, but his potential is sky high. There is a good chance he will be one of top players to come out of the draft.


4. Saddiq Bey F 6’8 Villanova

Bey won’t fall to 16th but, the Blazers could move up to get him. He has one of the biggest basketball IQs in the draft and is one of if not the best shooters. He shot 45% from three last season.

He is fast moving big man who plays like a guard and has a feathery stroke. He is an apt playmaker and an ace in the pick and role with ability to bring it to the basket or stop and pop from mid range. He has a keen eye on defense and is quick at judging where opponents are going.

He is a little unsure of himself at times and passes maybe too often. He needs to build confidence in himself and his ability but, its all there.

3. Devin Vassell g/f 6’6 Florida st.

Vassell is as raw as sushi, but he is also one of the best 3 and D wings in the draft. There is a lot of potential for Vassell especially as a play maker and shot creator.

He has a 6’10 wingspan, such great length for a guard which allows him the versatility to play across multiple positions. He is a consistent shooter from deep, making just over 41% of his threes both seasons in Florida. He has beautiful form and no issues hitting contested shots with his length.

But, it gets better. He is one of the best perimeter defenders in the draft, something Portland could use. He needs to put some muscle on his frame, but who doesn’t.

The Blazers again would need to move up to get Vassell.

2. Tyrese Halliburton PG 6’5 Iowa St

Portland would definitely have to move up for Halliburton who is projected to go around 6th in the draft. He is the best PG behind Ball and may end up being better than him.

If you looked up floor general in the dictionary, Halliburton name would be next to it. He is exactly what Portland needs to fill the hole at back up point guard. His size and physicality at the position are a plus.

Halliburton does it all. He is a savvy playmaker, an excellent passer, an exuberant scorer, and an all hands on deck defender. He has an Einsteinian IQ when it comes to basketball and is a decisive and intelligent decision maker. He is the best kind of player in that he makes his teammates better, and he can do it out of the gate.


1. Precious Achiuwa SF/PF 6’9 Memphis

If the Blazers don’t move up Achiuwa is their guy. I know he isn’t a guard which better fits Portland’s needs, but he is too good to pass up. Mark my words Achiuwa will be a star in this league.

Achiuwa is as explosive as they come. He plays with a level of energy that surpasses most others in this draft. Though he is oft compared to Moe Harkless he has the potential to be even better. He is freaky athletic and versatile and can play across several positions.

He can shoot (40% from deep) and is a dynamic defender on the other end. He has all the intangibles. He has the speed and size to dominate. His fierce and competitive nature will bring him far. He just has to work on his ball handling and passing ability.

Any team including the Blazers who passes on him will be sorry they did.



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