The COVID-19 virus has hit us all hard, leading to the shutting down of everything in a domino effect. First among those closures was the NBA. It was earlier reported that part time arena employees were in a bind, out of work without pay. Several teams including the Blazers were looking into to how to help them. The Blazers organization has taken the next steps in assuring that all in basketball family will be taken care.

The Portland Trail Blazers have announced that team owner Jody Allen will put together a $1.4 million fund to pay the wages of arena employees without work during the coronavrius pandemic…all of them. The ushers, vendors, security, and everyone in between. All together the funds will cover over 1,000 workers, who will no longer have to worry about paying the bills and putting food on the table for their families during the NBA’s hiatus.

There are still several other NBA teams who have yet to take similar measures. They should take a page out of the Blazers and other the organizations who have already made commitments to their employees. After all family is family.

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