Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey was in attendence at the Blazers game Friday night against the Pacers. He spent a lot of time on his phone behind the scenes, probably trying to put back together the pieces left of his career. It was broken late Friday by Shams Charania, that Team owner Jody Allen had opened an investigation into Olshey after complaints from employees.

Allegations have been made of a 10 year toxic work place, filled with hostility, Intimidation, profane diatribes, and other means of bullying, all at the hands of Neil Olshey. But, until now it seems, it’s been proprietary.

Olshey has been at the helm for 9 full seasons and had just began his 10th season as General Manager of the Blazers. He has always come off as irascible with reporters during press conferences. But, that just appeared to be the air of a hold your cards close type of guy, which makes sense with territory. But, now perhaps, it seems like an indication of something more.

The Trail Blazers have hired O’Melveny and Myers to look into the matter. They have been interviewing staff in Portland’s front office. The ambient sentiment among them is relief. After 10 years of suffering from mistreatment, emanating in physical and mental distress.

The firm will finish and submit it’s findings promptly to owner Jody Allen. Can Neil Olshey survive this? He survived for 9 years, but had Terry Stotts to take the blame. There is no one now to take the next bullet. The writing appears to be on the wall. It seems to be only a matter of time. Will he resign or be fired? How will this affect the Blazers future with star Damian Lillard?


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