The NBA should embarassed right now. They should be downright ashamed. They definitely shouldn’t be happy with the product they have put out this postseason. The picture it paints is not something to be proud of.

At the beginning of the season the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers were supposed to be favorites fir the finals. The Nets were swept in the first round without much of a fight. Lebrons Lakers didnt even make it to the play-in.

Then there are two game sevens to end the second round and they are both blow outs sending the defending champions and the number one seeded Suns packing. Boring.

But, hey a Mavericks team led by bright star Luka Doncic made the conference finals with what seemed to be a lot of excitment and expectation from the league. Now they are down 0-3 to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, a deficit no one has returned from.

The issue isnt that they are down 0-3, its that they got there in the first place. With over $3.5 billion in total salaries, we should have close, exciting series, but instead are being treated to a yawn fest.

Players are vying for unsustainable, ever rising salaries yet effort levels seem to continue to wane. Yeah, you could argue we saw better efforts and some amazing games during the regular season.

Players are tired, injured, and warn out. Fine, shorten the season. Because even if the season is entertaining and fun, the main event, the postseason, is getting drab. Fans want to see Avenger esque drag out, knockout battles, not broomsticks and blowouts.

The NBA needs to figure something out because they are putting all their eggs in one basket, hoping enough basketball fans are content seeing Stephen Curry and the Warriors dominate and win yet another championship. Maybe fans will be so elated at the amazing records the Warriors are making, that they will forget all about the masscre before their eyes. I’m doubtful that outside of California that is the case.

Truthfully, the league is making fist fulls of dollars so they could give a crap. The first game of the WCF did draw alot of viewers, 6 million of them, but probably most hoping to see the Warriors lose. The Numbers likely have decreased since then, as the Warriors are a footstep from the finals.

The NBA is still working to recoup losses from the pandemic not to mention principle, which say is ignored as much as the Mavericks these days. Still, a league like the NBA should want to be respectable and have a desire to put out the best possible product. Oh, what I am saying? Just give Curry and the Warriors their trophy already and lets get on to next season.




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