Houston Rockets


Roster (18, -3 spot)

James Harden SG

Russell Westbrook PG

Clint Capela C

Eric Gordon SG

PJ Tucker SF

Daniel House SF

Austin Rivers G

Deyonta Davis C

Tyson Chandler C

Gerald Green SG

Anthony Bennett PF

Chris Chiozza PG

Gary Clark SF

Isaiah Hartenstein PF

Chris Clemmons PG

William McDowell- White PG

Shamorie Ponds PG


Two Way

Trevon Duval PG

Vincent Edwards SF

Michael Fraizer SG

Starting 5

Russell Westbrook PG

Eric Gordon SG

James Harden SF

PJ Tucker PF

Clint Capela C


Outgoing Players (4)

Chris Paul PG(Trade OKC)

Iman Shumpert SG (FA)

Nene Hilario C (FA)

Kenneth Faried PF (FA)


Incoming Players (7)

Russell Westbrook PG (Trade, OKC)

Tyson Chandler C (FA, LAL)

Deyonta Davis C (FA, ATL)

Anthony Bennett PF ( FA)

Chris Clemmons PG (Undrafted)

William McDowell- White PG (Exhibit 10)

Shamorie Ponds PG (Exhibit 10)


The Rockets got to the second round of the playoffs last postseason before being eliminated by the Warriors. Chris Paul’s injury probably had something to do with that, but Golden State who was facing their own injuries, could have won the series anyway. The Rockets have been in the thick of it, retconning with fast rebuilds to stay in the thick of the playoffs and make runs at the championship, but it has proved evasive to them.

During the offseason the Rockets made few moves, missing out on Jimmy Butler. It isn’t surprising with their contract situation. Their three star players, Paul, Harden, and Capela made a combined 90 some million, more than three quarters of the teams salary. Still, they were able to con OKC into taking Chris Paul off their sore books for Russell Westbrook, who isn’t much cheaper, but who may fit better with Harden.

It is almost strange to see Westbrook and Harden together again, after last playing together seven seasons ago in Oklahoma. It didn’t work then, so it will be interesting to see if the two can coexist now. It doesn’t seem possible with both players needing the ball so much. They can’t both have the ball. So, Westbrook better practice playing way from the ball because Harden isn’t about to pass it.

Houston resigned Rivers, Green, while keeping a handful of their younger players who they will have to hope have developed enough over the years to make a jump. They signed stiff as a board Tyson Chandler who will slow them down. He can’t move worth a hell, but he can still score a bit and maybe collect a few rebounds. He is a downgrade in every category from Nene, who opted out of his contract (He may be regretting that now as he is still waiting for a suitor) in order to test free agency. They signed Deyonta Davis who will help some with that. Houston will also give once upon a time #1 pick Anthony Bennett a chance, so you know how desperate they are.

They could be 4th in the west or the Harden/Westbrook experiment could flop. General Manager Daryl Morey is on his knees begging at this point for the Rockets to finally get over the hump, but for a team that calls their home Clutch City, they too often have choked when the going has gotten tough. Will they finally live up to their nickname, or will Daryl Morey be looking for work elsewhere?



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