Miami Heat

Roster (17)

Jimmy Butler SG
Goran Dragic PG
James Johnson PF
Justice Winslow SF
Kelly Olynyk C
Dion Waiters SG
Meyers Leonard C
Tyler Herro SG
Edrice Adebayo C
Derrick Jones Jr SF
Yante Maten PF
Kendrick Nunn SG
Duncan Robinson F
Kyle Alexander F
Jeremiah Martin G
KZ Okpala SF
Chris Silva F

Two Way


Starting 5

Goran Dragic PG
Jimmy Butler SG
Justin Winslow SF
Edrice Adebayo PF
Kelly Olynyk C

Players Lost (5)

Hassan Whiteside C (Traded, POR)
Josh Richardson SF (Traded, 76ers)
Ryan Anderson PF (FA)
Dwyane Wade SG (Retired)
Emanuel Terry F (FA)

Players Added (9)

Jimmy Butler SG (S&T PHI)
Meyers Leonard C (Trade POR)
Tyler Herro SG (13th pick, 2019 NBA Draft)
KZ Okpala SF (32nd pick, 2019 NBA Draft, trade PHX)
Kendrick Nunn SG ( FA, G League, SDW)
Duncan Robinson SF (Converted from Two Way)
Kyle Alexander SF (Undrafted, Exhibit 10 contract)
Jeremiah Martin G (Undrafted, Exhibit 10 contract)
Chris Silva F (Undrafted)

2018-19 Final Regular Season Standing: 10th Eastern Conference (39-43)

2019-20 Projected Regular Season Standing: 6th Eastern Conference (44-38)

The Miami Heat completed a sign and trade deal that included four teams and brought Jimmy Butler and Meyers Leonard to Miami and sent Josh Richardson to the 76ers and Hassan Whiteside to the Blazers. Whiteside had become somewhat apathetic towards the Heat, who missed the playoffs by two games last season. Josh Richardson is good, but not as good as Butler, he was Miami’s #1 option last season, and will provide defense and help lift the 76ers through play making, the pick and roll (Embiid and Horford will be a big part of that offense) etc.

The 76ers didn’t want to trade Butler, but he wanted out. So, he got his wish. He now has his own team, and which he doesn’t have to share with the likes of Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Tobias Harris in Philadelphia, or Karl Anthony Towns in Minnesota. Though, the Bulls were his team especially after Derrick Rose left, but really even before that. Butler ended up blaming his teammates for what he called a lack of effort and asked to be traded. It can be argued that Butler himself lacks effort, though he hustles at points and plays all star level basketball, he is prone to often lapse into lethargy.

Butler will now have a fresh chance to prove himself in Miami and he is in good company with high energy guys like Bam Adebayo, Kelly Olynyk, Justice Winslow, and James Johnson. The Miami tried to trade Dragic during the summer to the Mavericks but pulled out. Hard to know if Goran will take it personally. He was excited at the prospect of playing with good friend Luka Doncic, but will have to settle with Butler for now.

Will center Meyers Leonard aka “The Hammer” finally come into his own and realize his potential in his own fresh start, after being traded from Portland. Leonard was under a lot of pressure to step up in Portland, and at times wasn’t able to hold up his end. Last year though he had his best season yet. Miami could be good for him. He will come off the bench behind Olynyk and can find himself in Miami’s future plans if he plays well enough.

Speaking of the future, Tyler Herro and KZ Okpala are fitting additions to the team. Herro was Miami’s 13th pick and will be a serviceable on offense. A 36% shooter from three, Herro will only get better from long distance. He is streaky and lacks length and athleticism, but he is young and his game has time to grow. KZ Okapala is an athletic and explosive wing. He has the length to be a versatile player, and is a killer 3 point shooter (nearly 45% in his sophomore year at Stanford. He is insanely fast and can get to the basket with ease. He needs to get better on the other end of the floor, but that will come as he integrates into the NBA.

The Heat will be a 6th seed team or so in the weaker east. Maybe higher if a Durantless Brooklyn or Indiana Struggle. They are definitely a playoff team this year. They were rumored to be interested in trading for Chris Paul, but would need a third team involved. Not sure if he would hurt them or make them better, as Miami would have to practically gut their team to get him. Not to mention he has been injury prone and is aging. In the east, I am sure he would do more good than harm for them. It would be interesting to see. Miami would probably do better not to saddle themselves with Chris Paul’s contract. They have also been said to be interested in John Wall and Bradley Beal. They would have to wait a year for John Wall to come back, but next year with those three, that could be a potent team.

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