Bored while the NBA season is on hiatus, and likely stuck at home? Here is a another game to pass the time.

For the who am I game, you will be given four clues to guess who each Blazers player is. No looking up/researching answers. Go by your knowledge only. Make sure to read the clues very carefully. Some may be more difficult than others. I tried to make it challenging. Hope you enjoy it.

1.) I went to Kentucky State. I was a fan favorite. I hold the franchise record for ppg in the playoffs with 28.3 points. My playoff scoring averaged stands as the highest in NBA history by a non- starter. Who am I?

2.) I was selected with the 25th pick in the 2nd round of the draft. I wore jersey #30. Since retiring from the NBA I have been in the construction business. I went to colleges in Washington and California. Who am I?

3.) I was a high school star and scored 46 points in a game in my senior year. I came one assist away from a quadruple double. I led the league in steals on season. I had to leave the NBA after hurting my foot. Who I am I?

4.) I played the most minutes of any player in my third season. I attended a basketball camp hosted by a future blazers coach. A learning disability made college difficult for me. Kobe Bryant called me the hardest player to guard in the west. Who am I?

5.) I went to Oregon State where I was nicknamed the Orange Express. I was an All star. I led the NBA in personal fouls for two different seasons and disqualifications for three different seasons. I am into boats now. Who am I?

6.) I was known for my rebounding. I was a big deal off the bench. I have a lot of kids. I had a career high 34 points to go with 17 rebounds as a Blazer. Who am I?

7.) I set records for points, steals, rebounds, and blocked shots in college. Though I didn’t actually graduate from college
(the same one I played at) until after my NBA career. I went up against the best in the slam dunk contest. I won a championship, but not with Portland….I actually had to beat them on the way to winning it. Who am I?

8.) I made the NBA All-Rookie second team. I have only played for one other team in the NBA besides the Blazers. I won a championship overseas before joining the NBA. I was considered one of Europe’s best. Who am I?

9.) I was the all time leading scorer in my college’s history. I am one of three players in NBA history to make seven three pointers in a quarter. I represented the USA in the olympics. I coach…my sons in soccer. Who am I?

10.) I made the NBA All-Defensive second team twice. The Blazers made the playoffs every year I was on the team. I still own the record for most consecutive games played in Blazers franchise history. I am third in tallest players to make over 1,000 three pointers. Who am I?

11.) I am one of 2 players to be a 5 time All star as a Blazer. I was an All star in 6th, 7th, and 8th seasons. I had a career high 16 assists against the Kings. I was one of two Blazer’s rookies to finish with at least 1,500 points and 500 assists. Who am I?

12. The Blazes traded for me for veteran leadership and to help try and win a championship. The Blazers got to the Western Conference finals my first year in Portland. I was a two time NBA All Defensive 2nd team. I never got the Blazers to the promise land. Who am I?

13.) I won a gold medal in the Olympics. I was known for my versatility and my tenacity. I earned a Bachelors degree in Education during my rookie season. I now work with my son. Who am I?

14.) I refused to play for the team that drafted me. I averaged 20 points a game for seven consecutive season. I was a star level player until I hurt my back. I have held almost every job there is to hold in the NBA. Who am I?

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